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Your partner for cleaning and maintenance products for industrial machines and equipment


The range of offer of the LEYCO products is broadly diversified and covers the most diverse areas.

  • concrete & construction industry
  • industrial floor coatings
  • vehicle cleaning
  • professional facility cleaning
  • industry & warehousing
  • agriculture
  • public facilities
  • food industry
  • healthcare
  • hotels & restaurants
  • entertainment, recreation & leisure

Corporate history

More than 50 years of brand success !

For over 50 years we have been a guarantor of sustainable development and we feel committed to people and the environment!

We do our research, we develop and manufacture our products according to the motto: “Safe in the application and for the environment – Economical and efficient in use

Our aim is to reduce the workload with our products. They are efficient and safe to use and reduce the impact on the environment.

We offer tailor-made cleaning, maintenance and care products with outstanding qualities. Our on-site expert advice is part of the cooperative and trustful cooperation with our business partners.

Safe machine, equipment care and preventive maintenance have been our core business for over 50 years, well-kept machines and equipments assets are your business card.


Our aim

One goal of Leyco Chemische Leyde is to substantially reduce labor costs by saving time on cleaning and maintenance.

Focus on the customer

As a medium-sized company we offer you a whole range of advantages over “the big players” of the sector, because Leyco Chemische Leyde focuses on the customer. At Leyco Chemische Leyde, you are personally known as a customer! Your wishes and expectations are known and some business relationships have existed for more than 40 years.

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We assist you with our know-how, because at Leyco Chemische Leyde there’s more to it than just the price.
We consider devices, machinery and equipment that you operate as a whole and you will learn that you’ll fare better with higher quality.
Short reaction times in the decision-making process give Leyco Chemische Leyde the possibility to adjust itself quickly to changes in the customer’s manufacturing processes.
The products are of a high quality as they are constantly being updated through accompanying research and development.

Raw materials, people and the environment

For genealogical reasons, man and his environment have always played a decisive role at Leyco Chemische Leyde. For this reason, only raw materials are used which do not represent a risk at the workplace.

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Leyco Chemical Leyde has been producing the biodegradable product ZE-KA-FIX® for more than 60 years, when the word “environmental protection” didn’t have the same meaning it has today. ZE-KA-FIX® is still produced following the same formula today. It is a chloride-free concrete solvent and has now found its place in the concrete industry.
Concrete solvents and protectors eliminate the need of working with the hammer and are used in many areas of the industry.
Our protectors and solvents offer the greatest short-term profit for your company.
Of course, the system lubrication, i.e. classical lubrication is of great importance as well, since carried out in a precise manner, it has a significant impact on the availability of the plant.


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