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Leyco Chemische Leyde GmbH / LEYCO®-PROTECT 10

LEYCO®-PROTECT 10: Product-No. 20.162



LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 is used on coaches, trucks, cement silo trucks, ready-mix concrete mixers, construction machines, and all machinery which is used in external areas.
LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 is suitable for all water-steady surfaces. A high gloss surface is placed upon badly weathered and oxidized surfaces.
Plastic bumpers maintain their gloss and look more fresh.
LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 can be easily removed with LS-3.

  • Protect all types of surface from concrete and mortar adhesion
  • Cleaning times are effectively reduced as cleaning becomes much easier
  • Safer working practices as acid are used less
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A gloss finish is left
  • The vehicle is protected against rust
  • The protective coat lasts upto 4 weeks

LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 is a micro sealing waxused to seal the painted surfaces of vehicles. It can also be sprayed upon floors to provide a wearing surface that protects the underlying substrate.
LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 forms a hard and skid-proof protective film, which protects against corrosion and which substancially simplifies cleaning.
LEYCO®-PROTECT 10 leaves a gloss protective film which does not need polishing.

  • very good temporary corrosion protection
  • high gloss surface
  • substantial simplified cleaning
  • simple application

Density: 1,0 g/cm3
Color: milk-industrial union/white
Form: liquid


LEYCO-PROTECT 10 is applied in a thin and even film to the freshly cleaned surface. Either a handsprayer, cloth or brush can be used for this purpose, but a sprayer can give the best finish. For large surfaces a sprayer is recommended. Treat smaller surfaces with a spnge or brush. After around 4 weeks wash the surface with LEYCORASANT 2 or LS-3 and then reapply the layer of LEYCOPROTECT 10.


Store out of frost! Minimum shelf-life 30 months.


Do not cause vomiting if ingested.
Immediately seek medical advise and present them with the label.