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Leyco Chemische Leyde GmbH / ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus 2

ZETOLAN-MEK® Plus 2: Product-No. 10.019

  • Protects mixers and concrete equipment from the adhesion of concrete
  • Cuts cleaning time dramatically = lower labour costs
  • Longer service life of the machinery due to better care
  • Contains no dangerous solvents or heavy metals
  • Certified by the Hygiene Institut Gelsenkirchen: «highly biodegradable»



ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 is no commonplace truck mixer protection agent.
ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2, as opposed to conventional protection products, can be applied in any weather conditions, as a light coating also on a wet surface. The water runs off and it creates a protective film. The effort involved is minimal, the protection and maintenance easy and quickly done. Removal of concrete adhered to the inside or outside mixer plant takes up the minimal time in a working day.

  • Costly contamination of vital moving parts is easily removed
  • Can be applyied on wet surfaces
  • Very economical in use
  • Primitive, rough cleaning methods with hammers, scrapers and steel brushes are obsolete
  • Increased working life for vehicles

With the MEK Plus formula, you seriously reduce cleaning time

ZETOLAN-MEK Plus has been developed through close teamwork with our successful partners in the construction industry.
Profit from the positive experience of your industrial partners or your competition!


ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 forms a protective film on concrete making and processing equipment and machinery as well as on bitumen mixing and processing machines.
Adhesion of concrete, mortar, plaster, bitumen and asphalt to metal and painted surfaces is prevented, and machines are protected against oxidation. Immediately after ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 has been applied, the protective film becomes effective and is largely waterproof.


Immediate protection against deposits, even on damp surfaces. Existing deposits are being softened by the constant application of ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2. Its effects are physical and chemical due to its interfacial activity. The product can be sprayed even into such gaps that are otherwise difficult to reach. ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 has additional a dehydration component so that you can use it directly after cleaning the equipment and machinery with clean water without waiting for the surface to dry.

  • Costly contamination of essential parts and grease grooves is avoided
  • It is unnecessary to clean the machinery and equipment mechanically by means of hammer, grinding equipment and wire brushes
  • Longer service life of the machinery due to better care
  • Reduces labour cost for cleaning
  • Does not damage rubber, glass, metal, paint, wood or clothes
  • Economical application, since only a thin film is needed for protection

Colour: Clear
Form: Liquid
Viscosity: 1.3
Density: 0.81g/ml
Temperature limit: up to +100 C


After cleaning the truck mixers generally from concrete and mortar splashes apply ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 with spray equipment immediately after cleaning on the wet surface in a fine film. The protection lasts for a working day. When the work has finished ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 protective film can remove existing light deposits with a high pressure washer. Daily exposure to the protective film works to reduce contamination.
On vehicles only spray the area, which comes into contact with concrete.


ZETOLAN-MEK Plus 2 has been developed to protect construction equipment, machinery and vehicles from contaminations and weather as simply and economically as possible in order to guarantee their constant availability.
However, in case of cured concrete on oxidated surfaces, a product is needed which can de-compose these crusts chemically. In such cases we would recommend to use our products BETONAC®-BL or ZE-KA-FIX® (concrete removers) or HURRICANE bitumen remover.


Do not drink or spray into open flames. ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus 2 is not explosive and does not contain solvents.