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Leyco Chemische Leyde GmbH / LEYCO®-RM 81

LEYCO®-RM 81: Product-No. 20.177



The areas of application of LEYCO®-RM 81 are variously, e.g. foodstuffs sector, agriculture, industry, vehicle and tank cleaning.
LEYCO®-RM 81 removes fast and arrearsless fat -, oil -, soot and tar contamination from alkali-steady surfaces. If ambiguity exists over the alkali stability of the surface which can be cleaned, preliminary tests must be absolutely accomplished to the material stability.

  • Loosens fast and arrearsless oil, fat, soot and tar contamination
  • Applicable in foodstuffs sector, the agriculture as well as in industry and to the vehicle and tank cleaning
  • Not inflammable
  • Separator-friendly
  • Solves contamination automatically
  • Biologically degradably
  • UBA-No.: 0595 – 0071

LEYCO®-RM 81 is a high-activity basic cleaner on basis of inorganic substances and Tensiden. LEYCO®-RM 81 is free from organic solvents and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.

  • not inflammable
  • no dangerous vapors
  • biologically degradably
  • economically
  • solves contamination automatically
  • smell-neutrally

Density: 1.18 g/cm3
Appearance: yellowish, clearly
Dilution: HD devices: 1 5 % Voransatz
f. HD-devices: 1 + 3 T. Wasser
Voransatz f. Vorsprühgeräte: 1 + 9 T. Wasser
pH value: 13


Depending upon contamination LEYCO®-RM 81 is laid on as Vorsprueh solution by means of Vorspruehgeraet (1 -25%) or by means of HD equipment (1 – 5 %). Rinse after short impact time thoroughly with water. LEYCO®-RM 81 to dry up do not leave. LEYCO®-RM 81 was developed for the maintenance cleaning by means of HD equipment or Vorsprueh equipment. One obtains most economic success by means of Vorspruehen with diluted LEYCO®-RM 81 and a following cleaning by means of plentifully clear water with vapor or HD equipment.


Frost-protected in the carefully closed container store.
Minimum shelf-life 30 months.


Contact with eyes and skin avoid. Splashes immediately with much clear water rinse off. Use rubber gloves by hand with use. Smoke and open fire are not not permitted.
Absolutely consider the danger references on the label.
Rinse with eye contact thoroughly with much water and doctor consult.

UBA-No.: 0595 – 0071