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ZETOLAN®-MA: Product-No. 10.030

In addition to preventing adhesion of the cement paste to the mould or shutter face, ZETOLAN®-MA allows air, which would otherwise be trapped, to escape from the face when the concrete is being poured and vibrated. Pockets of air, trapped on the shuttered faces of concrete, are a major cause of imperfection necessitating remedial work.
ZETOLAN®-MA avoids time and money spend on this. The chemical reaction between ZETOLAN®-MA and cement in a concrete mix produces a stongly hydrophobic surface. This repels surplus water at the interface with the mould and by protecting the concrete from its effect, preserves uniformity of surface texture and colour.
Technical data and guidance can be provided on a wide range of concreting aids including Plasticizers, Accelerators, Retardes, Air Entrainment Agents, Waterproofers, Surface Retarders, Workability Aids and Repair Materials.



  • Ensures really fair faced concrete
  • Can be used on all types of mould and shutter faces
  • Non-staining
  • Biodegradable
  • Économical
  • Easy application
  • Saves time and money

ZETOLAN®-MA is a specially formulated agent with chemically release properties which are superior to those of a conventional mould oil. The chemicals react with the water in the concrete to form a thin waterrepellent skin on the surface of the mould thereby enabling easy stripping from concrete and acting as a protection to steel and wooden formwork.

  • Ensures really fair faced concrete
  • Can be used on all types of mould and shutter faces
  • Non-staining
  • Minimizes cleaning of shutters (anti-electrostatic effect) before reuse
  • Saves time and money

Service temperature: Suitable for use with steam cured concrete.
Formwork surface: Equally effective on wood or metal moulds and shutters (specially anti-corrosive), particulary effective on GRP and others resinous coatings, including polyurethane coated wood surfaces.
Non-staining: Does not stain concrete and can be used safely with white cement.
Temperature stability: From -30°C op to 200°C


New Moulds. No preparation is necessary. Used Moulds.
All traces of cememnt must be removed together with any surface deposit of previous oils.


Due to the excellent release properties, little or no deposit of cement paste remains on the shutter surface. Minimum cleaning down and a further coat of ZETOLAN®-MA renders forms ready for re-use.


On account of the high rate of coverage, the applied coat of ZETOLAN®-MA compares favourably with that of conventional mould oil. Having to the technical benefits additionally obtained, the economy of using ZETOLAN®-MA can be significant.


Using either a brush or any conventional mould oil sprayer, apply one coat of ZETOLAN®-MA evenly over the entire surface. On metal, glass fibre or other impervious surface one coat is sufficient. On new plain timber surfaces, a further coat of ZETOLAN®-MA shoulds be applied before placing concrete if the mould is not used within 2-3 days.


On plain timber surfaces approx. 30-40 m2 per litre. On metal, galss fibre, and other coated timber approx. 80-100 m2 per litre.
Dependent upon porosity and texture of mould surface.


Only the thinnest coating necessary to achieve effective coverage should be applied. Over-application is uneconomic and can lead to surface dusting. Not sensitive to frost.