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Leyco Chemische Leyde GmbH / ZETOLAN®-MEK 1

ZETOLAN®-MEK 1: Product-No. 10.011

  • Protects mixers and concrete equipment from the adhesion of concrete
  • Cuts cleaning time dramatically = lower labour costs
  • Longer service life of the machinery due to better care
  • Contains no dangerous solvents or heavy metals
  • Certified by the Hygiene Institut Gelsenkirchen: „highly biodegradable“



ZETOLAN-MEK 1 belongs to a new generation of special protective products for mixers, and contrary to all othe products cuurently available on the market, it can be sprayed on immediately after the mixer has been cleaned with water while the surface is still wet and still adheres to the surface ensuring effective protection.
ZETOLAN-MEK 1 was classified by the Gelsenkirchen Institute of Hygiene as “very easily biologically degradable”. A test certificate is availible on request.

  • Costly contamination of essential parts and grease grooves is avoided
  • Longer service life of the machinery due to better care
  • Can be used on wet surfaces
  • Reduces labour cost for cleaning
  • Does not damage rubber, glass, metal, paint, wood or clothes
  • Economical application, since only a thin film is needed for protection

With the MEK formula, you seriously reduce cleaning time

ZETOLAN-MEK has been developed through close teamwork with our successful partners in the construction industry.
Profit from the positive experience of your industrial partners or your competition!


ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 is a product made specifically for use on forced action type concrete mixing plants and is used where there is a particularly high requirement for protection, such as at high temperatures and where high quality, high early-strength and quick setting types of concrete are used, such as “shotcrete” etc. ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 is also used on ready mix trucks and concrete pumps. It prevents the adhesion of concrete and mortar. In particular when ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 is used on forced action type mixers, a light coating on the arms and walls of the mixer is sufficient to prevent concrete adhesion for 6 to 10 hours, depending on the weather and quality of concrete.
The product is used both inside and outside the mixer. When used according to the instructions, ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 does not adversely affect the quality of the concrete (test certicates are available). ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 when sprayed daily into existing concrete deposits, prevents further adhesion of concrete. In addition ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 penetrates the capillary system of the surface and, used regularly, reduces concrete deposits.
Where particalarly persistent deposits are concerned ZETOLAN®-MEK 2 should be used. Its effects can be intensified by spraying on surfaces which are still wet.


Immediate protection against deposits. If depositsalready exist, these are gradually softened by continuous application. From a physical and chemical point of view it is particularly effective on the surface and because it is sprayed on, otherwise unreachable areas can be treated.

  • highly durable protective film
  • can be used on wet surfaces
  • high flash point
  • saves working time, as it does not need to be sprayed on prior to work commencing

Colour: brownish clear
Form: liquid
Kn Viskosity: 10 mm2/S
Flash point: 146,1°C
Setting point: <-60°C
Density: 0.57g/ml
Workable: from -20°C
Storage: firmly sealed


ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 belongs to a new generation of products for the protection of concrete mixers, and contrary to all other products currently available on the market, it can be sprayed on immediately after the mixer has been cleaned with water while the surface is still wet. This means that only one working step is necessary, i.e. cleaning and protecting immediately after work has been completed.
It is therefore no longer necessary to spray on protective materials before commencing mixing.
All parts of the mixing plant or forced action mixer, such as the mixing arms and walls, as well as mixer trucks and pumps can be sprayed with ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 immediately after cleaning with water the surface is still wet. Protection lasts for at least one working day. Once work has been completed, any deposits of concrete and mortar remaining on the ZETOLAN®-MEK 1 film can be easily washed off with a water jet. Where concrete ready mix trucks or mortar or concrete pumps are concerned, it is recommended that only the rear part of the vehicle which actually comes into contact with the concrete be sprayed.


Can be sored for an unlimited period as long as it remains sealed in its original container.


Dry: at all costs no water should be allowed to contiminate the product, as even a small amount can lead to thickening which in turn will give problems when trying to spray the material.
Containers which have been opened should be tightly sealed immediately after use.